The small, blue City Trains take you around the city!

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Bytoget Ålesund

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Bytoget Trondheim

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The small, blue City Trains take you around the city!

The City Train aims to give you a memorable holiday experience. 

We do our best to provide you with interesting attractions, unique architecture, beautiful scenery and great stories. 

Our trains take you around the city at a comfortable pace. You don't always have to drive far to have great experiences. Sometimes it's about making time to notice the little things where you are. The kitten on the step, the flower in the little window, the old boat by the peer or the children playing in the park. You can open the windows with time to take pictures along the road. Holidays are a time for a slower pace, new impressions and enjoyable experiences. The City Train is happy to contribute!

In Ålesund, the Honningdal family and the Jenny Hatlehol company, have run the City Train since 1993. It has given us a wealth of experience that we are also working on multiplying in other places. It has been a long and exciting journey. The Jenny Hatlehol Company was established in 1922 and is now run by the third generation.

Flott tur

«Fint turisttog som kjører en runde i Ålesund. Høydepunktet var stoppen på Aksla med nydelig utsikt over Ålesund»

Lovely way to see the city

«It was a perfect way to see the city.Very friendly tour guides»

Pleasant and informative tour

«We visited on a cruise ship. The trip was really informative. Would definitely recommend this tour.»

Whether you come by car, bus, boat, train, bicycle or plane, the City Train can show you the city!

On the train ride we can offer guiding in 8 different languages. You can choose which language "Your Guide" will use as you move around the city and hear the stories. The City Train wants to combine useful information and good local history. That way the holiday experience is even greater. Welcome abord!  

Bytoget i Ålesund
Sightseeing in Ålesund