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  Alesund Offers Group Guided Tours

Traveling with a group can be a great experience. Perhaps you are part of a large friend group exploring a new country. Or maybe you are participating in a corporate trip, or even a family reunion. Whatever the reason, group travel allows several personalities to blend together and have an amazing experience. Group tours are an excellent way to get an entire group of people to share the same experience. Logistics are easy, and everyone is happy on a guided tour through Alesund. The team at Jenny Hatlehol AS is experienced with group tours and can even make suggestions along the way.
Group guided tours also help take the guesswork out of vacation planning. We are able to keep everyone together, which can help simplify logistics. Plus, we make the tour easy and accessible for all ages and ability levels. Guided group tours can provide an excellent team building exercise, or family bonding moment. Not only are group tours easier to plan with a large group of people, but they often turn out to be more affordable than paying for individual experiences.
With our multi lingual guiding we are sure to find the right tour for everyone. Language should not be the barrier preventing you from enjoying your trip to Alesund. Our multi lingual guiding is available in several languages, so we can find a common language. We aim for the ultimate in customer satisfaction, and want our customers to be pleased with a tour they will remember for a lifetime. For your tour through the city, contact Jenny Hatlehol AS for simple, efficient, and affordable reservations.

Denne siden er laget for Bytoget Ålesund AS av Svein Ekrem, Anders Honningdal og Nils Ivar Honningdal

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