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Benefits of Guided Tours in Alesund

Coming to a foreign city is exciting. It is a change of pace that offers new points of interest with great experiences. Unfortunately, travel to a new city can also be overwhelming. It can be hard to get situated in a new city without knowing what to do or see. Couple this with the fact that foreign travelers sometimes have a language barrier, or are unaccustomed to the local culture. Guided tours are an excellent way to see and experience the city like a local. Not only are guided tours a great way to see and do everything the city has to offer, but they can often give the traveler some insight into the history, culture, and identity of the city as a whole. Plus, guided tours are an affordable way to see several points of interest at once, in a limited time period. Be sure to check out all the attractions in a city with an expert guide.
Guided tours in Alesund are necessary because we simply have so much to see! Our tour takes about 70 minutes to complete, but makes a round trip throughout the city. Norway is an exceptional country, and guided tours in Alesund will help travelers fully understand our culture and history. See historic churches, buildings, and sites. Travel through the mountains and see amazing landscapes of the sea. Our tours have something for everyone and will guarantee you are able to see everything our city has to offer. If you are traveling with a group, guided tours in Alesund are the perfect group activity. With our short time duration, easy reservations, and varied attractions we make group logistics simple.
Our train departs from, and returns to, the cruise ship terminal, making us perfect for tours for cruise passengers. Our station is easy to find for new travelers just arriving in the city. Because many cruises have a very strict time limit of when they are in the city, tours for cruise passengers are ideal. We will get you around the city, showing you all of our major landmark attractions, in just over one hour. Plus, our round trip tour brings passengers back to the place they started. Easily conclude your trip and hop back on your cruise ship to continue your vacation. The team at Jenny Hatlehol AS knows that travel logistics can be hard to put together, so we take the guesswork out of travel.

Denne siden er laget for Bytoget Ålesund AS av Svein Ekrem, Anders Honningdal og Nils Ivar Honningdal

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