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For the best sightseeing tour Alesund has to offer, travelers regularly turn to Jenny Hatlehol AS for their travel tour needs. Not only is our tour thorough and complete, but it is affordable too! We understand that travelers coming to our city have a limited amount of time to see and do everything. We have a great deal to offer, so it can be hard packing it into just one trip. With our comprehensive tour, that is a little over an hour in duration, you will be sure to see and experience everything that makes Alesund the great city it is! Our tours are sure to excite everyone, even groups with varied interests and ages. Suitable for infants to seniors, our sightseeing tour takes place on a vintage looking train. Our train is actually a modern vehicle, which is safe and modernized. It is shaped and designed to look like a classic train from years gone past.
Sight seeing tours are a great way to experience the city from a special view point. Because our train is a motorized vehicle with fully functioning windows, you will get to experience the city from the comfort of your own seat. Plus, with our windows, you will be able to hear the sounds, smell the fresh sea air, and feel the wind on your face as we casually tour the city. Our comfortable train allows everyone to experience sight seeing tours, no matter your age or physical ability. We have so much to offer in Alesund that we want to share with travelers. We are excited and honored you have made Alesund a stop on your journey in Norway, so let us share the best of our city with you. The team at Jenny Hatlehol AS has convenient, affordable, and interesting tours of the city available for purchase.
On our train, you will get to experience the very best in Alesund sightseeing. Because our city in Norway is so diverse, we truly have an experience that all ages and interests will like. From our scenic views of the mountains, to the historic farmhouses and churches, there is truly something for everyone. Alesund sightseeing by train is leisurely. While we surely are in no rush to pass by the greatest attractions and points of interest around the city, the entire tour only takes about 70 minutes. This will leave you with plenty of time to eat at one of our fabulous restaurants, or enjoy some shopping for great souvenirs to bring home for friends and family. We know that your time is limited while you are in Norway, and we want you to be able to enjoy as much of our city as possible. By taking our comprehensive 70 minute tour, not only will you get to see our entire city, including the key points of interest, but you will be able to do so affordably, with your entire family.

Denne siden er laget for Bytoget Ålesund AS av Svein Ekrem, Anders Honningdal og Nils Ivar Honningdal

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