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For many, a trip to Norway is a once in a lifetime experience. Come see our beautiful cities, nature, and countless points of interest. While there is a great deal to see and do, it can be overwhelming fitting everything into one trip. How do you manage to see everything Alesund has to offer given a limited amount of time? Train tours are an excellent way to see the entire city, in a fast, efficient, and affordable way. Train tours are offered at convenient times for anyone coming to visit our beautiful city. Tickets can be purchased within the city at the beginning site of our train tour. Our train is comfortable and modern, yet has a classic and vintage appearance. For an unforgettable trip to Alesund, trust the experts at Jenny Hatlehol AS.
For train tours in Alesund, trust the experts at Jenny Hatlehol AS. We offer a detailed and comprehensive tour of the entire city, which passes by some of the most famous and popular sites Alesund has to offer. Along our tour line, the train will stop at the famous Volsdalen Church and the Color Line Stadium which opened in 2005. Further along the trip, we pass through an old farmhouse dating to the 1800s. Our train has the ability to travel uphill, taking travelers into the beautiful Sunnmøre Alps. Passengers will be in awe of the stunning views as they ascend up the mountains. Surround yourself in nature as you view the sea and surrounding mountains. Pass along other famous sites and buildings through the city as we continue our train tour. As we conclude our trip, we pass through the bridge and see the Ålesund church. The entire trip immerses the traveler in the sights that make our city famous. See the entire city in an easy and time efficient way with the train tours offered by Jenny Hatlehol AS.
Many people would think that seeing these many sights and landmarks in one comprehensive trip would cost a fortune. Between the beautiful vistas, the stunning sights of the sea, and the historic buildings, there is truly something to offer for everyone on this tour of Alesund. The team at Jenny Hatlehol AS has put together affordable train tours, so that you will be able to fully appreciate and see everything that Alesund has to offer. We are proud of our great city, and want the opportunity to share our pride with you. Travel through the city and enjoy seeing the biggest landmarks for an affordable price. We understand that travel can be expensive between flights, hotels, and meals. Let us take the guesswork, and cost out of being able to see everything our city has to offer. Our affordable train tours are not only easy on your budget, but enjoyable for all ages.

Denne siden er laget for Bytoget Ålesund AS av Svein Ekrem, Anders Honningdal og Nils Ivar Honningdal

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