The City Train – The little train in Ålesund

Take a guided train ride in the beautiful Art Nouveau town of Ålesund. The architecturally impressive downtown area as well as mounting Aksla with its magnificent view, will give you a most memorable experience.

The train runs at a comfortable speed and passes both historical sites and unique sights. Ålesund is a modern port city, but has an architectural character in Jugend style after the rebuilding following the city fire in 1904. Since 1993, the Honningdal family has done their utmost to ensure that all train guests get a special memory from their city.

Info for Cruise turister

Flott tur

«Fint turisttog som kjører en runde i Ålesund. Høydepunktet var stoppen på Aksla med nydelig utsikt over Ålesund»

Lovely way to see the city

«It was a perfect way to see the city.Very friendly tour guides»

Pleasant and informative tour

«We visited on a cruise ship. The trip was really informative. Would definitely recommend this tour.»

Rutetabell 2021 kommer snart

City train schedule with cruise ship in town

Bytoget har avgang hver halv-time alle dager det er cruisebåt i byen.
Vi kjører fra cruiseterminalen som ligger på sydsiden av byen ved busstasjonen.

More information on cruise ship arrivals in Ålesund here

Route map Ålesund

Bytoget Ålesund kart

Prices 2021

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NOK 100,-
  • (2-15 years)


NOK 250,-
  • (Over 15 years)


NOK 600,-
  • (2 adults, 3 children on same seat row)

The route in Ålesund

The starting point for the trip is the cruise terminal, where our friendly drivers are clearly visible and will welcome you on board as well as giving necessary instructions before the trip starts.

The train goes through the city's narrow streets where you find the architecturally unique city center. We pass the square with stalls and bustling crowds before the journey goes east into the city with old wooden houses on both sides of the road. We pass Voldsdalen church and the city's stadium on the way up to the city mountain Aksla. 


At Aksla we take a 15 minute break to enjoy nature and the view of the city, the islands and the beautiful alpine scenery of "Sunnmørsalpene". Our drivers are happy to share local stories and fill you in on what you see. The Fjellstua café has a viewing platform that can be used for a fee. 

On the way back we pass by the park where you can clearly see where the 1904 fire stopped. We then pass "Vallehuset", today a museum, which for a strange reason was not caught in the fire. The city park is close to the downtown area, and has both a children's park and beautiful statues. On the way down to "Ålesundet", today known as "Brosundet", we pass both small and large houses built in Art Noveau style. In the harbor we can experience the bustling boat life, where fishermen sell fish and shellfish from their boats, and just beyond are holidaying guests in their boats. We will also see "Molja" which is Norway's oldest pier and lighthouse from 1858. 

Furthermore, the journey goes across "Hellebroa", the little bridge that connects the two islands "Nørvøya" and "Aspøya". In this pleasant, beautiful and colorful part of town called "Brunholmen" you will get an experience of the past through the architecture and the museums, but still with a touch of the modern atmosphere the city has with the integrated businesses, hotels, homes and art galleries.

Moving on we pass Ålesund church, which has been rebuilt in stone after the city fire. Finally we go down the cobbled streets at "Apotekertorget" and finish up where we started at the cruise terminal. 

Quick facts:

Duration: 70 min

Stop Aksla: 15 min

Languages for audio guiding:

Norsk, engelsk, tysk, fransk, spansk, italiensk, nederlandsk, russisk.

Infection control: Own protocols Note: The trip is suitable for everyone

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Audio Languages


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